What We Do

Dongan manufactures transformers, inductors and other power quality equipment to companies around the globe. Our engineering team converts your custom requirements into trusted products delivered right to your door when you need them. Our international distribution network guarantees timely delivery of all our products, ensuring your needs are met.

Dongan transformers are in high demand among companies who rely on trusted products that can stand up to heavy use. To meet these needs, Our products are tested to tested to UL and NEMA standards. Companies know Dongan engineers build top-of-the-line transformers that are backed by ongoing and timely support from our team of in-house engineers. Your company can expect the best results using Dongan Transformers as their quality solution.

Who We Are

Dongan has a long history of building trusted products. Our company was founded in Albany, New York in 1909, known then as the Dongan Electric Instrument Company. Named for Governor Thomas Dongan—the first colonial governor of the Territory of New York—the company first produced ammeters and voltmeters for the growing automotive business. Lyle J. Hicks, an electrical engineer, acquired the company and later moved it to Detroit, Michigan, where it was renamed Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company.


Let Dongan be your number one source for stock and custom engineered transformers