Three Phase General Purpose Transformers

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Motor Drive and KDongan offers a full complement of three phase ventilated transformers, from 3 kVA to 300 kVA. Encapsulated three phase transformers are available from 3 kVA through 9 kVA, and ventilated products are available for 15 kVA transformers and up. Enclosures are NEMA Type 3R as standard, which eliminates the need for a costly weather shield. Some exceptions apply at the smallest kVA; these exceptions are indicated in our catalog. Dongan’s three phase general purpose products have an electrostatic shield between the primary and secondary for transient noise reduction. Insulation systems are 200°C or 220°C, depending upon the series of transformer.

Our transformers can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted cabinet-style depending upon kVA rating. These are UL and cUL listed and are copper-wound through 9 kVA, with aluminum-wound transformers starting at 15 kVA and extending through 225 kVA as standard. Dongan also builds larger custom transformers, and offers copper designs on any product in the catalog. Aluminum-wound products begin with prefix 43; copper-wound products begin with prefix 44.

In addition, Dongan offers TP-1 Energy Efficient Transformers starting at 15 kVA and larger. Dongan’s competitively-priced TP-1 transformers meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements as required by DOE in EPACT.

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