Lighting Disconnects

Dongan offers a broad selection of Transformer Lighting Disconnects, the most advanced series of disconnects available in the market today. Our disconnects have the approvals and certifications needed to compete and ship worldwide (list them/show logos).
This product is a safety product and has an interlock on the rotary cam switch that prevents the unit from being opened while it is powered up.

Other features include:

  • Shielded transformers
  • Finger-safe terminals
  • 3 position padlockable switch
  • Green “On” pilot light  provided on most units
  • Dedicated physical earth terminal
  • 15 kAIC rating (higher ratings up to 200 kAIC available)
  • Duplex receptacle standard on many units


  • Red pilot light
  • 65 kAIC, 100 kAIC and 200 kAIC rated disconnects
  • GFI Receptacle
  • Gasketed duplex receptacle for NEMA 12 applications
  • Ground Fault Light

Dongan Lighting Disconnects in Nema Type 1 and Nema Type 12 enclosures. We offer single output and dual output series, with fusing on the secondary and primary standard on all units. Units can be wall mounted or floor mounted.  A large capacity series is available, starting at 5 kVA and up to 10 kVA as well as compact designs from 250 VA through 1000 VA.

For high-interrupting capacity applications, our TDFM12 series has a flange mount disconnect switch that operates in a vertical manner, as a traditional fusible disconnect switch does. Dongan also offers a constant voltage regulator disconnect switch in top, bottom, side or remote mount configurations.

Lighting Disconnect Catalog

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