Ignition Transformers - Magnetic and Solid State

Dongan has manufactured ignition transformers dating back to the 1920s. We offer oil and gas ignition transformers for industrial and residential applications. Dongan introduced the SupraSpark line in 2005, a line of solid state igniters for the residential oil heat market for all major OEM burner manufacturers. These igniters are offered either as universal mount or completely custom-fitted for any burner application. We also offer a Service Manager’s kit that includes two igniters along with multiple base plates and terminals. 

While our catalog features our most commonly sold ignition transformers, many additional models are available. Please contact us today with your ignition transformer requirements.

Dongan also offers an ignition transformer tester that will test any manufacturer’s iron core ignition transformer up to 10,000 volts. This product is catalog item 1909-82 and is the preferred tester in the marketplace.

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