Buck-Boost Transformers

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Dongan offers a broad range of products for buck-boost applications. These transformers are shipped as low voltage isolation transformers that can be easily reconfigured to buck or boost a wide range of voltages. In addition to being an inexpensive alternative to isolation transformers, buck-boost transformers are easily adaptable to most minor voltage corrections, will work on single or three phase applications, and are physically smaller and lighter than the corresponding kVA of an isolation unit. As an example, a 2 kVA buck-boost transformer can do the work of a 7.5 to 32 kVA isolation unit depending upon how it is configured.

Dongan offers several types of buck-boost products:
• 85 Series – encapsulated, 115°C rise
• 80 Series – ventilated, 115°C rise
• 35 Series – ventilated, 55°C rise
• 34 and 84 ODY Series – pre-connected autotransformers

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