Motor Drive and KMany distribution systems these days have a high harmonic content on them attributed to all of the electronic and solid state equipment needed to operate business and facilities. Equipment such as PC’s, printers, copiers, faxes and solid state lighting control all cause a current to flow back in the neutral which traditionally did not carry and current. Neutrals now must sized at least 200% larger than in years past to accommodate this current.

K-Factor is a measurement of how high the harmonic content is in a building. Obviously the more floors and office the more equipment is needed to run the business and consequently has a higher K-Factor. Dongan’s K-rated transformers are designed to handle today’s high harmonic loads. We offer transformer rated at K4, K13 and K20 but also offer higher K factor.


  • Double sized neutral
  • Aluminum Windings
  • 220°C system
  • Electrostatic shield
  • Vibration dampening pads

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