Dongan now offers the Century Series Industrial Control transformer line that represents the most up to date feature laden control transformers. These are easily fused in the field or at the factory and can be converted to finger safe by adding TC1 covers at time of installation.

Dongan still offers our tried and true 50 series industrial control transformers that have been designed to the highest NEMA and industrial standards. This transformer has a long track record of proven success in the field and has been in use since the late 1960’s. This product is UL and CUL listed and is both 50 and 60 hertz rated so it can be used in many countries outside of the European Union.

The product features screw terminal connections, high regulation low temperature rise, a wide variety of voltage combinations up to 5000va in many cases. in addition, we do many specials in this same series. We also offer primary and secondary fuse kits sold as an aftermarket addition. This is an inexpensive solution to most industrial control applications.

In addition, we also offer the HC series industrial control transformer that features molded barrier type terminal blocks across the top of the unit. This series has been in use since the 1980’s so it too also has a proven track record. This series offers primary and secondary fuse kits as a field installed option or a factory installed option.


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